Bragging Rights

This is the part of my website where I go whole hog on capitalist advancement and inform you of my biggest career milestones from the past year. Please give me money.


October 2021

This was an honor. Not only am I listed alongside some of my absolute favorite comedians, they gave me a pull quote to die for. 

TV Pilot Festival Accomplisments

"Untitled Gay Hitman Project"

  • Winner - Festigious Int'l Film Festival (2020)

  • Winner, Toronto WildSound Festival (2020)

  • Finalist, Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards (2020)

  • Semi-Finalist, Blue Cat Screenwriting Competition (2021)

  • Semi-Finalist, Flickers' Rhode Island Int'l (2020)

  • Semi-Finalist, Hollywood Just4Shorts Film & Screenplay Competition (2020)

  • Semi-Finalist, Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards (2020)

  • Semi-Finalist, Screencraft TV Pilot Script Competition (2020)

  • Quarter-Finalist, LA Int'l Screenplay Awards (2020)

  • Quarter-Finalist, Atlanta Film Festival (2021)

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Co-Star Appearance 

New Amsterdam (NBC)

Aired April 6th, 2021

My first TV role! I had two little lines on this show, and the entire cast and crew made me feel like a queen. Tyler Labine may be the nicest person in show business?

June 2020

This article featured five nonbinary comedians, and I'm so grateful to Shane O'Neill for giving me a chance to not only promote my show at Club Cumming, but talk about my thoughts around stand-up and the way queer people are treated in it. 


52,000 Followers on TikTok!

What a silly accomplishment! But TikTok has actually been a great way to get my stand up and funny bit about gender out there to a wider audience. Especially during Pandemic, it was great to go viral on there as much as I did.