Who the Hell Am I?


Oh hey there, I'm James. I'm a queer, gender non-binary actor stand-up comic (and Star Wars fanatic) living in New York City.

BRAG: I studied theater at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts at the Atlantic Acting School.


HUMBLEBRAG: After graduating in 2009, I dabbled in stand-up and improv for 3 years, but it wasn't until 2018 that I dove in hard. 


SUPERBRAG: I have been sorta killing it since I returned to stand-up??? I was recently featured in the New York Times and Broadway World and during non-Pandemic times, I can be seen all over New York's comedy scene. That includes Stand Up NY, The Lantern, Broadway Comedy Club, Green Room 42 and pretty much every Brooklyn gay bar with a stage and a microphone. I also host monthly stand-up show at Alan Cumming's cabaret venue Club Cumming with Gus Constantellis and Dylan Adler. 

NOT A BRAG: My mom thinks I'm too soapbox-y in my stand-up at times. Another veteran comic recently e-mailed me to say my material doesn't have enough "JOKES" (all caps). Another comic (T*m D***on) tweeted that I'm "an embarrassment." #blessed